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 Welcome to the Modern Minutemen. Our line is 100% Proceeds Donated to Charity. 

Not on Our Watch

Will Veterans be disregarded as second class citizens

Will Law Enforcement Officers to be treated like the Enemy

Will Our Country, Our Freedom, and Our Principals be Treaded Upon

Will Freedom Loving Patriots Have to be Alone in this Fight


Modern Minutemen Gives 100% of Proceeds to Charity (When we say 100% We Mean 100%, Unlike some that say 100% and the fine print says 20-100%) We believe in our cause and to take care of those who take care of us. Modern Minute Men is the New Patriot Standard! 100% of Proceeds go to Charity. Represent the Love of your Nation, your Respect for those who Serve to Protect it & Donate to a Good Cause without compromising style! Our Bullets & Bombshells line will fund the MMM line. Thanks to your continued support of Bullets & Bombshells, Modern Minutemen's focus can further maximize our efforts and contributions. We can't do this alone, and thank you for your patronage. This project is Near and Dear to US. We will be giving equal donations to 4 charities which will include 2 different Veteran Charities, 1 First Responders charity, and The Oath Keepers. The charities will be voted on every year, other than the Oath Keepers, and will be picked by all of you, the Modern Minutemen Community. We believeWe are not in this alone. This is Our Community and We are in this together. Our Books are open and our Donations will be Posted on Our Sites and Social Media after the Voting for Charities and Giving of the Donation. Thanks to all of you who have passion, a true voice and love for Freedom.