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The Sexiest Pro Gun Clothing on the Planet, Bullets & Bombshells™ Tactical Couture™

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We are the Bullets & Bombshells Gun Society; the Sexiest Pro Gun 2nd Amendment Clothing Company on the planet. We are Patriots and Supporters of Freedom. We are girls with guns and a whole lot of style. We offer 2nd Amendment clothing and second amendment t shirts. We believe in the rights to bear arms, and will stand at any cost to ensure our liberty. 

This is our 2nd Amendment clothing for the real American Woman. Huntress clothing for those girls with guns, especially ones that love their ladies shooting apparel. These camisoles are awesome. Tactical Ladies shooting apparel, and Tactical women's shooting gear. Plus don't forget to add the words women's shooting cami. Do you, female shooters, have what it takes to wear that Bombshell Clothing? Are you a Well Armed Woman and proud of your American heritage and the 1776 clothing and 1776 clothing that you wear.. DON'T Tread on Me! 2A yoga pants. 2nd Amendment yogas. Ladies Firearm fashion, women's firearm apparel. Relevant titles need to be addressed. This is Brianne, she is hardcore fashion and she also represents ladies firearm clothing, since she is a second amendment supporter with the rest of the gun clothes for girls. You can look good while you shoot. Sparkle at the range all day long. You are not the typical woman, you are the extraordinary woman. You don't have to be typical camo, you can be strong as a shooting woman and still be feminine. This is Women's Tactical Couture™